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A collaborative lifestyle brand selling heartfelt products, offering unique creative services + workshops, as well as inspiring content about travel + design


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Large minimalist World maps you can draw on + customise to make all of your travel dreams come true!


Super fun + cheeky colouring workbook for sassy singles! Reserve your spot for the Sydney workshop too!


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A brief overview of my creative services on offer and a sneak peak of my portfolio. 

NEW: "Build your website in 1 day" workshop coming soon (subscribe to be notified)


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Travel + creative inspo on the blog including stories, tips, guides and swoon worthy imagery!


wander the earth

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There is so much sh*t happening today at lightning pace and so many reasons to feel overwhelmed. We clearly need to make more art and less war. Add more dharma and way less karma. Dream big and manifest amazing things into our lives and be more mindful every. single. day. 

I personally believe in the importance of a lifestyle philosophy I call:



  • 3 parts travel

  • 1 dollop of imagination

  • 1 splash of peace

  • 1 cup of fun

  • shaken with love

  • sprinkled with serendipity

  • shared with kindred spirits


ABout twc

When I'm consciously adding more of these fundamental aspects to my personal journey, I'm simply so much happier. So using my strengths as an illustrator/graphic + web designer/artist, I created some products + workshops + services that dare you to travel more, love more and imagine more. After all, positive vibes never hurt anyone right?

In the blog, you'll find some fantastic travel stories, unique itineraries, cultural observations, interviews with kick-ass inspirational entrepreneurs, dream atelier ideas from travel-loving peers, in style looks, and collages of swoon worthy, found imagery from the interweb. 

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you find something that inspires you!

 x Emma

The Wanderlove Collective

+ Dream Traveller
+ MANifest the One
+ Emma Tamaoki Creations


w a n d e r



Selling large minimalist maps that you can draw on to mark your past + future travels for nomadic souls.

Hang the "Dream the travel x Travel the dream" world map and tickle your wanderlust spirit. Visualise + mark future destinations with coloured stickers or pens! If you are too scared to d.i.y then don't fret! Order the bespoke service and I'll mark the map for you as you wish.


l o v e



Promoting a cheeky Adult colouring book + workshops for singles who are sick of being asked, 'DTF?'

Craft your way through the 4 part singles guide, "MANifest the One of many" and not only will you ask the universe for your dream man to enter your life, but you will figure out your blockages, understand what you really want and ultimately, be ready for him. All laid out in a non-cheesy but heartfelt and humorous way. Start now!


i m a g i n e



Assisting innovative entrepeneurs who think outside the box, with creative services.

Are you a go-getter who knows exactly what you want? Maybe you are a kindred spirit who feels we can make something awesome together. Get in touch and let's collaborate!




Grab a beverage of choice and get comfy cuz I've collated plenty of content for you on the blog! Peruse some honest and useful travel experiences + tips shared by nomadic contributors, great effortless style ideas, interviews with successful creative minds, dream atelier sketches from like-minded peers, some great interiors + visual spaces to swoon over. 



Real, honest encounters and experiences shared by the traveller set in various locations around the world.


A thought, poem, song expressed through a personal vision of the contributor.

In style

A set of collages compiled with beautiful found imagery based on a particular theme. The idea is to create dreamy visual inspiration that helps you become more style conscious with a display of aesthetic products & items.


Experiences that portray the essence of a particular culture through stories, poems, photographs, illustrations, video and music. Each snippet is an honest portrayal of the contributors personal experiences.


An on-going chain of Q+A sessions with 'Inspirators ' or entrepreneurial superstars who are kicking some serious career goals. Each nominated interviewee in turn nominates an industry peer who inspires them to reach higher.


Each 'Wanderlover' or a wander-loving creative minded go getter, handwrites their brief bio and share a sketch of their ideal studio / home structure. This spaces shows where their creative and personal lifestyles blend together perfectly.


A set of collages compiled with beautiful found imagery based on a particular theme. The idea is to create dreamy visual inspiration that invokes you to action those desires to escape, or create something you've always wanted.