Top Travel Tips • During


No. 13 / Andrew Deane

Get used to public transport in the city you are visiting (where possible). It’s such a great way to feel like a local, makes for great people watching and gives you a good understanding of the places you’re visiting.

No. 12 / Ryan Rafferty

It's important to take a photo to remember but sometimes the memory is better without one.

No. 11 / Ryan Rafferty

Don't be shy and engage with the world around you.

No. 10 / Ryan Rafferty

Find the restaurant filled with locals.


No. 9 / Gemma Cagnacci

Ask local shopkeepers where their favourite places are for lunch / dinner.

No. 8 / Dan Walton

Don't take tour groups (unless you're going to Tibet or North Korea & they force you to ). They limit who you meet and prevent spontaneity.

No. 7 / Dan Walton

Every so often, stop. It's easy to get carried away wanting to get around and see new things. But it's also important to stop somewhere for a few days, and do something regular. I like going to a local supermarket and cooking myself, you'll be amazed how therapeutic it can be.

No. 6 / Rob Palmer

People don't like negotiating much in Australia but just about everywhere else, its the norm. If you don't ask, you won't get.

No. 5 / Rob Palmer

Never shake the hand of a monkey handler! 

No. 4 / Rob Palmer

Be bold, be confident, be genuine.

No. 3 / Gemma Cagnacci

Don't forget to look up + down when exploring a new city. You will notice so many more interesting + inspiring details. 

No. 2 / Emma Tamaoki

Indulge in some quality people watching, then put it into practice and try to blend in like a local. Perks include a higher rate of eligibility of 'local' prices, and you hopefully won't be harassed as much on streets.

No. 1 / Emma Tamaoki

Ladies: Listen to your gut instinct. In unsafe areas, always carry your credit cards and spare notes (currency) in your bra. Keep spare change in your pockets, and of course in your wallet. If you get mugged, at least, you will have some money left.