Top Travel Tips • Before





No. 10 / Andrew Deane

I reckon it’s a lovely thing to take a mixed CD of music you like, maybe your own artwork or something creative that you can give away to people who make an impact during your travels. It helps them give a taste of who you are and where you’re from. 

No. 9 / Laura Tjitradjaja

Take care of yourself and stay healthy. Vitamins are your best friend, if you are on prescribed meds don't forget to bring those + bring the basics such as antihistamine, headache and diarrhoea relief. 


No. 8 / Andrew Deane

This is about having a small toy, figurine, or interesting object that you travel with and take photos of while traveling. This is understandably a cheesy travel idea for some, but I like it because it means you take more photos that tell a story (sometimes an amusing one) of where you have travelled. Many people don’t bother taking photos of themselves when they travel, but without the traveller in the photos it can be boring to viewers and make it difficult for them to appreciate where you have been. As much as I would recommend having a mascot, do make sure not to have it in every photo; the novelty can quickly wear thin. (see Andrew's mascot pics on insta here!) 

No. 7 / Laura Tjitradjaja

Always travel light. Save the hassle from carrying too much or dealing with overweight baggage at the airport. Less is more. 

No. 6 / Laura Tjitradjaja

Be organised, always plan ahead about all your travel documents and flights or other transport to get you to your travel destination. 

No. 5 / Dan Walton

Always scan your passport, birth certificate etc and all important numbers and email it to yourself. Seems obvious but is a life send if some buggar steals (or you lose) your passport.

No. 4 / Mia Taninaka

Get creative. Buy an old film camera + photograph everything. The outcome is always something to look forward to - even if half of your photos aren't great, it's so much more fun + inspiring than digital cameras.

No. 3 / Rob Palmer

Learn some of the language of the country you are visiting even the smallest bit goes a long way. A smile goes even further. 

No. 2 / Sarah Reid

Pack a stack of novels for a trip to South America, as its quite difficult to pick them up on the road.

No. 1 / Emma Tamaoki

Always take a travel candle with you. This comes in handy to mask those inexplicable foreign odours, or to help you unwind after a long day of exploring.