There is so much sh*t happening today at lightning pace and so many reasons to feel overwhelmed. We clearly need to make more art and less war. Add more dharma and way less karma. Dream big and manifest amazing things into our lives and be more mindful every. single. day. 

I personally believe in the importance of a lifestyle philosophy I call:


  • 3 parts travel

  • 1 dollop of imagination

  • 1 splash of peace

  • 1 cup of fun

  • shaken with love

  • sprinkled with serendipity

  • shared with kindred spirits


ABout twc

When I'm consciously adding more of these fundamental aspects to my personal journey, I'm simply so much happier. So using my strengths as an illustrator/graphic + web designer/artist, I created a blog and a world map to dare you to travel more. After all, positive vibes never hurt anyone right?

In the blog, you'll find some fantastic travel stories, unique itineraries, cultural observations, interviews with kick-ass inspirational entrepreneurs, dream atelier ideas from travel-loving peers, in style looks, and collages of swoon worthy, found imagery. 

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you find something that inspires you!

 x Emma


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