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You want to hang out with new fascinating locals but don't know anyone. You might be a bit shy to approach random strangers. Or you might be traveling with someone but you want to satiate your art and cultural appetite with a like-minded soul. 

Imagine a platform encouraging you to connect with cool, creative, open minded types at your destination, or in your hometown. Perhaps you can meet over coffee and chat.  Maybe collaborate together on your next project.  Explore the neighbourhood with your new local guide. Or maybe just get together and party!


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The growing network consists of a global community who list their profiles when they join. Their commitment to sharing the love with amazing content is wonderful and I am so grateful for the belief in the Wanderlove spirit xxx


An ambitious creative / stylish entrepreneur who just loves to travel + connect with like-minded souls.

  • Shares travel story or guide + tips.
  • Nominates an Inspirator.
  • Biz + Project listed.

An inspirational entrepreneurial superstar who is kicking butt + hence nominated by industry peers for their awesomeness.

  • Shares Q+A.
  • Nominates Inspirator.
  • Biz + Project listed.

An Ambitious creative / stylish entrepreneur who is expertly carving their niche market like a local champion.

  • Shares local guide + tips.
  • Nominates Inspirator.
  • Biz + Project listed.


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