Ancient Temples of Bagan



  • Ancient Temples that were created in 100 /200 AD.

  • There are 9000 of these temples scattered in the area, but after the earthquake of 1975 only around 2000 are left standing. 

  • I hope that in the near future, the world will recognise the historical importance of these ruins and classify them as a World heritage UNESCO site. (Update: Since this post the temples now have restrictions for preservation purposes. Read the signs!)


Guided tour of the ancient ruins.

8 am  – 6 ish pm

75 USD including : a much appreciated air conditioned taxi + informative guide (in many languages!)

  • Worth getting a guide on the first day to get an insight into the rich history. Guides can be found everywhere. In fact, they will find you! 

  • At sunset time, climb one of the less filled temples and  take photographs from the top, where you have a beautiful vista over Bagan. Be mindful of the antiquated structure though as they are crumbing / being destroyed by negligence / unruly tourists at a rapid rate.

  • You need 3 or 4 days to visit the entire area if that's what you want to do.

  • After the initial day of the guided tour, it's recommended to hire an electric bike to happily get lost exploring the temples at your own pace.

  • Ladies: cover up shoulders + knees (very particular about knees showing so if you don't want to wear a long skirt or pants, pack a sarong that you can easily tie around your waist to cover shorts). Definitely no spaghetti straps accepted either.

  • There is also the option of flying over in a hot air balloon around 6 am to get some aerial shots of the ruins. This is a seperate tour which can also be arranged easily.