Tibet to Great Barrier Reef


Itinerary by Emma Tamaoki


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?



5:30 / Tibet


Learn how to meditate properly in a monastery.

6:30 / Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema beach

Sunrise promenade run + dip, followed by an icy cold coconut + açaí with granola and banana.

9:00 / Aruba

Snorkel with turtles + explore a shipwreck.


10:30 / Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Wakeboard in the azure waters facing the island + Mount Otemanu.


12:00 / Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Cabrera

Enjoy a tender bife de chorizo with a glass of malbec.

14:00 / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Soho

Shop till I drop for leather handbags + shoes. (Sorry vegans!)


17:00 / Itacare, Brazil

Prainha beach

Twilight caipirinhas on the beach (hammock optional).

19:00 / Tokyo, Japan


Full course seasonal degustation feast + umeshu with my family. 

21:00 / Paris, France

Opera Garnier

Enjoy the ballet.

22:30  / Tulum, Mexico


Epic beach party with my best friends + The Wanderlove Collective!

1:00 / Izu Peninsula, Japan


Bathe in a private hot spring gazebo looking out to the moonlit sea.

2:00 / Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Fall asleep on a private yacht counting all the shooting stars.


(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)