Sydney to New York City

Itinerary by Laura Baxter


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?


9:30 / Sydney, Australia

Bird + Bear Boathouse

Breakfast of avocado + tomato on toast.


10:30 / Sydney, Australia

Botanical Gardens

Walk through and smile at the flowers. Ha! (no really)


11:50 / Sydney, Australia

Art Gallery of NSW

A visit - by myself!


13:00 / New York City, USA


Long lunch- cosy! (Best in fall/winter)


15:00 / New York City, USA

Le Labo

Get your own scent.


16:30 / New York City, USA

Standard Hotel

Cocktail time!!! Watch the sunset over Manhattan. (Best in autumn/winter)


19:30 / New York City, USA


Order everything for dinner! Yum! Great Italian restaurant. (Can't book, or can you?)


21:00 / New York City, USA

Gallery Opening 

It's NY, there will be one somewhere! 


23:00 / New York City, USA

The Box

Go see a show to open your mind! (Must book)


(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)