South Coast to Tokyo

Itinerary by Rob Palmer


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?



6:00 / South Coast, Australia

South Coast

Enjoy morning barrels on one of the many epic reefs.

8:00 / Gold Coast, Australia

Kirra Beach

A couple of grinding war, water barrels. It's unusually uncrowded.

9:00 / Pointe Au Sel, Seychelles

Open water ski paddle around the islands with my wife Sophia and my mate Josh.

11:00 / Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

Spend a few hours plotting out eco-retreats with my brother Tom.


13:00 / London, England

Brixton Market

Big serve of Jamaican Jerk Chicken in the Electric Avenue markets.

14:00 / Moscow, Russia

I don't know exactly where but I'm sure it will all be cool. Drinking a must.

16:00 / Khangai, Mongolia


Drunken horseback riding across the plains (an effort to straighten myself up after Russia).


17:00 / Siargao Island, Phillipines


A few late afternoon waves before dark.

20:00 / Tokyo, Japan

A wild night of great food and crazy bars in Tokyo with all my mates.



(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)