Madrid to Sydney

Itinerary by Katy Svalbe


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?


8:00 / Madrid, Spain

La Mallorquina

Enjoy a Napolitana con crema y cafe con leche.

10:00 / Sydney, Australia

Gordons Bay

Meet my sister for a swim.

11:30 / Kyushu, Japan

Kurokawa Onsen

Bathe in a steamy volcanic bath.

13:00 / Segovia, Spain

Eat a succulent lamb roast.

14:30 / Sydney, Australia

Cockatoo Island

Pick a vantage point & draw, siesta on a grassy knoll.

17:00 / Perth, Australia

Cottlesloe Beach

Enjoy sunset beers over the Indian Ocean.

19:00 / Madrid, Spain

La Casa Del Pez

Order tapas-  croquettas, calamares, ensalada rusa.

21:00 / Oporto, Portugal

Casa da Musica

First set of a local jazz quartet.


22:00 / Perth, Australia

Belvoire Amphitheatre

Rocking Perth band ignites the stage.

24:00 / Bilbao, Spain

Bar Irrintzi

Late night pintxos!



(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)