Hanoi to Westfjords

Itinerary by Gemma Cagnacci


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?


6:00 / Hanoi, Vietnam

Start the day with a bowl of hot pho bo + an iced coffee, seated on a little plastic stool in the old quarter watching the city wake up.

8:00 / Dubrovnik, Croatia

Next, it's time for a quick dip in the Adriatic Sea.

10:30 / Oaxaca, Mexico

With camera in hand, walk around the town exploring markets, visiting textile artisans and take a class or two in Mexican cooking.

12:30 / Beirut, Lebanon


Lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to have a home-style Lebanese meal here at one of Beirut's hottest restaurants.

14:00 / Bhukara, Uzbekistan

Taqi-Sarrafon Market

Time for some shopping action at this old domed market full of Central Asian treasures.

16:00 / Raja Ampat, Indonesia

A dreamy sail + snorkel amongst some of the most untouched coral reefs + islands on our planet.


18:00 / Galle, Sri Lanka

The perfect place for some drinks among the palm trees, watching the sunset, with men stilt-fishing just off the beach.

20:00 / Lisbon, Portugal

Bairro Alto

Wander + get lost in the neighbourhood, go restaurant + bar hopping, sampling local seafood + wine.

23:00 / Westfjords, Iceland

Finish off the day watching the northern lights. Perfect.


(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)

Yosemite National Park


  • Set within California’s Sierra Nevada mountains.

  • Well known for amazing granite cliffs, waterfalls, giant sequoia trees and biological diversity.

  • It takes about 4 hours drive from San Francisco so I would recommend on staying overnight at the very least to get a taste of the famous spots. But I would recommend  a longer stay if you're keen on exploring several hiking spots.

  • Generally there are no toilets along the trails when you're hiking so just make sure to go at the trailhead when you spot them! Oh, and bring enough water when you hike of course.

  • Cost: 7 days entrance fee for a private car with up to 15 passenger seats at 30 USD per vehicle. Or if you join an overnight tour (like I did) it starts from 400 USD with transport from SF and includes accommodation, food, a tour guide and entrance fee.



Mirror Lake Trail

2 miles (3.2 km) round trip to the lake and back; 5 miles (8 km) loop around the lake - easy to moderate. 

100 feet (30.5 m) 

Hiking Time
1 hour round trip to the lake (end of paved trail); 2-3 hours for the full loop

  • To get to this trail, first you must take the free shuttle from Yosemite Valley and begin at Mirror Lake Trailhead (shuttle stop #17). There are NO toilets along the trail so go do what you need to do at Yosemite Valley before you get on the shuttle bus!

  • Despite the name there is no lake, but you do get to walk through a flat meadow (there apparently used to be a manmade lake there) instead surrounded by the mountains so it's really nice!  You will also walk alongside a clear stream and granite rocks.

  • You would most definitely spot some squirrels and deer along the trail so get excited!

  • Look around at the amazing view but also beware of horse poo so look down, as you share the trail with some horse riders.


Inspiration Point

2.6 miles (4.2 km) round trip

at trailhead 4400 feet (1340 m), at Inspiration Point: 5390 feet (1643 m) - total elevation gain: 990 feet (300 m)

Hiking Time
about a 2 hour round trip

  • The view from the top includes El Capitan and Cathedral Rocks with the Half Dome peeking out in the background.

  • It seems like a short hike but it is uphill pretty much all the way with the first half of the trip quite steep so be prepared. For a novice hiker like me, I found there were moments where I felt like I was running out of breath, but I made it in the end. Just take it easy and enjoy the view.

  • I was wearing a normal pair of runners and it was do-able, but I would recommend wearing proper hiking boots. 

  • Take water with you!!!


Tuolumne Grove of Giant Sequoias

2.5 miles (4 km) round trip

at trailhead 6,200 feet (1,860 m) - elevation gain: 400 feet (120 m) elevation loss to the grove

Hiking Time
1.5 - 2.5 hours

  • It's an easy hike along the smooth trail. Just be prepared though you will be walking downhill and back up to climb 400 feet on the route back to the trailhead. 

  • Main point of difference: the giant sequoia trees! They are such huge amazing red wood trees. Also there's a dead one that you can walk through and climb over to give you a sense of how huge they are.



Tibet to Great Barrier Reef

Itinerary by Emma Tamaoki


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?



5:30 / Tibet


Learn how to meditate properly in a monastery.

6:30 / Rio de janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema beach

Sunrise promenade run + dip, followed by an icy cold coconut + açaí with granola and banana.

9:00 / Aruba

Snorkel with turtles + explore a shipwreck.


10:30 / Bora Bora, French Polynesia


Wakeboard in the azure waters facing the island + Mount Otemanu.


12:00 / Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Cabrera

Enjoy a tender bife de chorizo with a glass of malbec.

14:00 / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Soho

Shop till I drop for leather handbags + shoes. (Sorry vegans!)


17:00 / Itacare, Brazil

Prainha beach

Twilight caipirinhas on the beach (hammock optional).

19:00 / Tokyo, Japan


Full course seasonal degustation feast + umeshu with my family. 

21:00 / Paris, France

Opera Garnier

Enjoy the ballet.

22:30  / Tulum, Mexico


Epic beach party with my best friends + The Wanderlove Collective!

1:00 / Izu Peninsula, Japan


Bathe in a private hot spring gazebo looking out to the moonlit sea.

2:00 / Great Barrier Reef, Australia


Fall asleep on a private yacht counting all the shooting stars.


(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)

Floating Stilt Villages of Inle Lake


  • Shan state is the agricultural centre of Myanmar, it produces 90% of fresh produce for the entire country.

  • The houses are built on stilts and villagers 'park'  their long tail boats in a single or double 'garage' under the house!

  • These innovative farmers have worked out a method of producing various crops on water. Particularly fruitful is the production of tomatoes, which are unloaded early morning in Ngaungshwe town, a great opportunity for some pics.

  • Their existence depends on the crystal clear water so they keep it extremely clean, as they also source their food from the lake. Freshwater fish is a favourite and up until recently, they used the traditional net fishing method, whereby a fisherman uses one leg to steer the boat with the paddle while he fishes with a dome shaped basket. 

  • The closest main town is Nyaungshwe.

  • It is common to see ceremonial boats amongst the villages, such as the coming of age for boyhood celebrations we saw.

  • Lotus flower fabric: 1000 lotus flower stems are used to make one woven scarf which takes 4mths to make. The fibre is obtained from inside the stem and woven using a loom. The fabric feels soft like organic cotton and is naturally beige in colour. These scarves cost 150USD and are uniquely sold on the lake.

  • Silversmith: Myanmar is is one of the most naturally rich geological countries in the world. To make the finished product such as a small pair of earrings of the Pa-O tribe, the process takes up to 2 months. They first mine the rock, then separate the metals, and painstakingly beat the stone into shape using traditional tools by hand. 

  • Cigar rolling: A lot of people still smoke in Myanmar today. You can buy the leaves from local markets and roll them using a variety of different ingredients. They either make the cigars themselves or buy them from a vendor who sells them, just like a hotdog stand. 


Guided tours hopping around the villages on Inle Lake.

6 am  – 4 ish pm

35 USD including: a long tail boat ride + visit to local artisans + informative guide (in many languages!)

  • Be prepared for the temperature change throughout the day. At 6am, it is freezing. By 10am it get's extremely hot so make sure to wear layers you can take off. Also wear sunscreen + hat + sunglasses as you are stuck on the boat for the duration of the tour except for lunch + visits.

  • For lunch you will be taken to a spot that is clearly commissioned. This is not included in the price of the tour.

  • Try and find an eco tourist guide. They tend not to be tourist traps as they are more community orientated. 

  • You will be taken to local artisans that are clearly commissioned likewise. Don't feel forced to purchase the goods if you don't want to.  


Ancient Temples of Bagan


  • Ancient Temples that were created in 100 /200 AD.

  • There are 9000 of these temples scattered in the area, but after the earthquake of 1975 only around 2000 are left standing. 

  • I hope that in the near future, the world will recognise the historical importance of these ruins and classify them as a World heritage UNESCO site. (Update: Since this post the temples now have restrictions for preservation purposes. Read the signs!)


Guided tour of the ancient ruins.

8 am  – 6 ish pm

75 USD including : a much appreciated air conditioned taxi + informative guide (in many languages!)

  • Worth getting a guide on the first day to get an insight into the rich history. Guides can be found everywhere. In fact, they will find you! 

  • At sunset time, climb one of the less filled temples and  take photographs from the top, where you have a beautiful vista over Bagan. Be mindful of the antiquated structure though as they are crumbing / being destroyed by negligence / unruly tourists at a rapid rate.

  • You need 3 or 4 days to visit the entire area if that's what you want to do.

  • After the initial day of the guided tour, it's recommended to hire an electric bike to happily get lost exploring the temples at your own pace.

  • Ladies: cover up shoulders + knees (very particular about knees showing so if you don't want to wear a long skirt or pants, pack a sarong that you can easily tie around your waist to cover shorts). Definitely no spaghetti straps accepted either.

  • There is also the option of flying over in a hot air balloon around 6 am to get some aerial shots of the ruins. This is a seperate tour which can also be arranged easily.

Sydney to New York City

Itinerary by Laura Baxter


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?


9:30 / Sydney, Australia

Bird + Bear Boathouse

Breakfast of avocado + tomato on toast.


10:30 / Sydney, Australia

Botanical Gardens

Walk through and smile at the flowers. Ha! (no really)


11:50 / Sydney, Australia

Art Gallery of NSW

A visit - by myself!


13:00 / New York City, USA


Long lunch- cosy! (Best in fall/winter)


15:00 / New York City, USA

Le Labo

Get your own scent.


16:30 / New York City, USA

Standard Hotel

Cocktail time!!! Watch the sunset over Manhattan. (Best in autumn/winter)


19:30 / New York City, USA


Order everything for dinner! Yum! Great Italian restaurant. (Can't book, or can you?)


21:00 / New York City, USA

Gallery Opening 

It's NY, there will be one somewhere! 


23:00 / New York City, USA

The Box

Go see a show to open your mind! (Must book)


(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)

One day in San Francisco
South Coast to Tokyo

Itinerary by Rob Palmer


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?



6:00 / South Coast, Australia

South Coast

Enjoy morning barrels on one of the many epic reefs.

8:00 / Gold Coast, Australia

Kirra Beach

A couple of grinding war, water barrels. It's unusually uncrowded.

9:00 / Pointe Au Sel, Seychelles

Open water ski paddle around the islands with my wife Sophia and my mate Josh.

11:00 / Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Serengeti National Park

Spend a few hours plotting out eco-retreats with my brother Tom.


13:00 / London, England

Brixton Market

Big serve of Jamaican Jerk Chicken in the Electric Avenue markets.

14:00 / Moscow, Russia

I don't know exactly where but I'm sure it will all be cool. Drinking a must.

16:00 / Khangai, Mongolia


Drunken horseback riding across the plains (an effort to straighten myself up after Russia).


17:00 / Siargao Island, Phillipines


A few late afternoon waves before dark.

20:00 / Tokyo, Japan

A wild night of great food and crazy bars in Tokyo with all my mates.



(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)

Chiang Mai to Nairobi

Itinerary by Yasmine Ghoniem


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?


8:00 / Chiang Mai, Thailand

Anantara (F.K.A The Chedi)

Order room service and go back to sleep.

10:00 / Sydney, Australia

Gordons Bay

Quick dip to wake up and meet sister dearest

12:00 / Cairo, Egypt

El Fishawi

Order a sheesha + mint tea and watch the world go by!

13:30 / Hanoi, Vietnam

Highway Four

Order catfish rolls + crickets. Yum!

14:30 / Hoi An, Vietnam


Get some cheap custom threads made.


16:00 / Sydney, Australia

Frankie's Pizza

Killer dive bar with amazing pizza.

18:30 / Sydney, Australia

Waverly Cemetery

Watch the sunset over the graves.

20:00 / Portland, USA

Doug Fir Lounge

An American feed + intimate music venue. Amazing fit - out.

22:00 / Nairobi, Kenya

Florida F1 (F.K.A Mad House)

Ultimate cheezy nightclub - awesome tunes!



(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)

Madrid to Sydney

Itinerary by Katy Svalbe


Where would you travel if you could do anything and go anywhere in 24hrs without constrictions on visa, geography, time or money?


8:00 / Madrid, Spain

La Mallorquina

Enjoy a Napolitana con crema y cafe con leche.

10:00 / Sydney, Australia

Gordons Bay

Meet my sister for a swim.

11:30 / Kyushu, Japan

Kurokawa Onsen

Bathe in a steamy volcanic bath.

13:00 / Segovia, Spain

Eat a succulent lamb roast.

14:30 / Sydney, Australia

Cockatoo Island

Pick a vantage point & draw, siesta on a grassy knoll.

17:00 / Perth, Australia

Cottlesloe Beach

Enjoy sunset beers over the Indian Ocean.

19:00 / Madrid, Spain

La Casa Del Pez

Order tapas-  croquettas, calamares, ensalada rusa.

21:00 / Oporto, Portugal

Casa da Musica

First set of a local jazz quartet.


22:00 / Perth, Australia

Belvoire Amphitheatre

Rocking Perth band ignites the stage.

24:00 / Bilbao, Spain

Bar Irrintzi

Late night pintxos!



(illustrations by Emma Tamaoki)

One Day in Capetown • country
One Day in Capetown • city + coast

*It’s too much in one day but when I’m in shopping mode, I like to hit the city centre (Bree and Kloof Street in particular) and Woodstock, an eclectic design hub, home to many of the city’s creatives.

Boulders Beach


Table Mountain

Koi Restaurant

Grand Africa