Vince Frost




" I nominate Vince because his designs are simply timeless and always feel fresh. He has grown his passion into a long successful career and yet is still a driving force in the industry. His schedule is crazy busy, but he is also a caring family man and knowing that just makes him so much more inspirational." 
- Vince Frost

Vince Frost


// Q+A //


1. What does typography mean to you?

Typography is the use of the alphabet and words to create appealing messaging, story telling. Playing with hierarchy of messages to create impact and stimulate the sense. I personally like to have fun with words. 

2. Do you feel your work reflects your culture or is it more universal?

The clients opportunities create the focus and the  combined collaborators on the project creates a unique culture.

3. Who is your dream collaborator?

Fashion designer, Paul Smith. A wealthy entrepreneur with big ideas. passion and an appreciation for what I can add to designing success. A mayor of a city with big ambitions.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you choose + why?

I love Sydney and really like living here. I would like to try and live in NY for a while as I love the cities energy. I could love anywhere though as each place is unique.

5. Where do you source your inspiration from in Sydney?

My inspiration comes from my clients and their unique opportunity. My kids/ my partner/ my staff.

6. What was your favourite trip + why?

Trip to LA/ San Fran + Vancouver. Skiing in Whistler is my all time buzz.

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Bigger challenges around designing a better life / world / society.

8. What is your life philosophy?

Help people / do good / be positive. Inspire ideas to life*

9. If you had any magical powers, what would it be?

End the following: Aids / Poverty / Starvation / Droughts / War.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Remove borders / frames. You can't contain life. People roam. Life is art. People should feel free to express themselves openly. Children should be taught to continue to be expressive of their ideas and feelings and not stifled or controlled.



Thank you Vince it has been a pleasure x