Shantanu Starick

Photographer, Shantanu Starick
Founder, Pixel Trade

Instagram: @shantanustarick
Twitter: @ShantanuStarick


Emma Tamaoki


" I nominate Shantanu because he is living the dream – balancing his craft and travelling the world, all without using a cent. Plus he also takes stunning photos! "
- Emma Tamaoki

Shantanu Starick

// Q+A //


1. As a photographer, what trade are you most proud of?

Proud is difficult to pin point. It is very dependant on my mood. There is an image however that has been on my mind on and off for some time, as one I continuously enjoy viewing. 
It was from a trade in Morocco with a girl called Rena, who is the founder of the website Project Bly. The image I'm referring to was of a little girl indicating for me to take a picture of her.

2. Who would your dream trade be with + why?

The most dangerous person in the world. Why? Because I'd love to capture them eating cereal.

3. What is your most inspirational travel experience?

My first visit to Ireland (if i have to choose one). It was because of every element we judge our experiences on. The people, the environment, the food...Ireland put on one of the most memorable combinations of all of those areas.

4. Where is the most beautiful place in the world?

New Zealand. No explanation needed.

5. How do you maintain a sense of balance with all the constant moving?

I try to stretch every time I wake up and write a brief summary of the day before I sleep.

6. On the road, I always take these three things:

1. Camera gear.
2. Laptop + hard drives.
3. Toothbrush + toothpaste.

7. What is your most useful travel tip?

Don't listen to people's travel tips.

8. When the Pixel Trade wraps up, where would you ideally like to live + why?

Between Europe + Australia. They have both become home to me. I want to remain international, but those two places would be perfect to have little structures to call home.

9. What's in store for you then?

Time off.


10. How can we make more art + less war?

Flower guns.


Thank you Shantanu, it has been a pleasure x