Nick Walton


Dan Walton


" I nominate Nick because he has followed his heart and is achieving everything he ever dreamed. "
- Dan Walton

Nick Walton


// Q+A //


1. Describe your life in 5 words.

Exciting, busy, inspired, creative and blessed.

2. Where is the best kept secret spot in Hong Kong?

Many people don't realise we have great beaches like South Bay and Tai Long Wan, which has great surf.

3. What is your piece of writing you are most proud of as a journalist?

Some of my travel features from Myanmar in which I was really off the beaten path and used my own photography.

4. Top 3 things in my carry on are:

1. Tablet with seasons of Cops downloaded.

2.  Noise reduction headphones.

3.  A copy of National Geographic.

5. What do you miss the most about living in New Zealand?

The clean air + water, cold crisp evening, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and sunrise on Tamaki Drive.

6. Where is your dream destination?

I have a few -  Greenland, Antarctica, Cuba, Mongolia, + parts of Russia.

7. The best /worst thing about running a travel magazine is:

Balancing the creative process with the commercial.

8. What is your favourite travel experience so far?

One of my favourite journeys was to Papua New Guinea with my brother Dan. It had been some time since we had seen each other and PNG had always been on our bucket list. We ventured up the Sepik River for the traditional dragon dance, dived on WWII bombers + visited the city of Relond - half destroyed by a volcano. It was a truly exceptional trip.

9. Dan asks: When is our next trip homie?

We will be travelling to Antarctica together in December which will be an awesome trip!

10. How can we make more art + less war?

By listening to each other + being more tolerant of new ideas.


Thank you Nick it has been a pleasure x