Matt Willey


Vince Frost


"I nominate Matt because he is just great!" 
- Vince Frost

Matt Willey


// Q+A //


1. What are London's best kept secret spots?

The Three Kings pub in Clerkenwell. The Phoenix cinema in East Finchley. My allotment in North London.


2. What design related items do you always travel with?

A notebook and a pen.

3. Vince asks: who is MFred?

I think Vince is asking because I named a typeface (that he's been using) 'MFred'. Fred is my middle name (and it was my grandfather's name).

4. Describe your favourite holiday.

Daytime: walking about barefoot, jumping into a lake, or the sea.
Evening: wood-burning stove, wine, food, book.

5. I'm obsessed with:

Wood-burning stoves, Saul Steinberg, wine, wine bottles, laundromats, oil lamps, 'Jazz Violin Sessions' by Duke Ellington, a green velvet sofa, coffee grinders, the duck confit dish at Gastro in Clapham, the cheese burgers at Almeda, Burrata cheese...+  a thousand other things.

6. Describe a typical day in the life of an editor.

I'm a pretend editor, at best. I sit in one of three bars/ restaurants with my great friend Dan Crowe (who is a proper, and brilliant editor) drinking and eating and talking about things that interest us. Sometimes 'context' comes out of that - which I find terribly exciting.

7. What is the best / worst thing about living in New York?

Well I still live in London but work in New York two weeks each month. I've always loved New York. There are too many reasons to list, and the significant ones (for me) are ambiguous and difficult to articulate. 
Right now (it's Sunday morning) it's being able to to sit in Milk&Roses, in Greenpoint, eating steak+eggs, reading the New York Times magazine.
The worst thing is missing my kids.

8. What are your three favourite apps you can't live without?

I'm fairly certain I could live very happily with no apps. But right now the NY subway app is proving pretty useful. Instapaper is great. And ...erm...Mail.

9. Who has/had fantastic style?

Paul Newman.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Well, that sounds simple enough.


Thank you Matt, it has been a pleasure x