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" I nominate Lucy because she is SO STINKIN IMPRESSIVE. She is endlessly creative, has a fantastic eye, works tirelessly, has an incredible and visible passion for design, designers and showcasing their work on The Design Files, and as her monstrously successful Open House(s) demonstrate, she has the dedication, team and nous to perfectly pull off projects that would push companies triple the size of hers into cardiac arrest. I, for one, can't wait to see what she accomplishes over the span of her career / life / next lunch break."
- Zoe Foster - Blake

Lucy Feagins


// Q+A //


1. Where do you source your inspiration in Melbourne?

Everything and anywhere in Melbourne. It's just one of those places where there is ALWAYS something new to discover, even if you think you are across everything.

2. Who is your dream interviewee + why?

MIRANDA KERR. I can't explain it! I have an unhealthy infatuation. It's NOT logical!

3. Top three must-haves in my carry on when travelling are:

1. Laptop.
2. My ipad.
3. My bar mix aka stick blender, to make smoothies for my breakfast in my hotel room!

4. Where do you think Australian design site in the world today?

I think the world is very interested in our way of life. Australian homes therefore are a curiosity on the international stage. There's something fresh and unaffected about OZ design- we're far enough removed from other design centres to do our own thing.

5. What are the best/worst things about blogging?

The BEST thing about blogging is the independence.
The WORST thing is the long hours, all night, every night!

6. Describe your dream home:

My dream home is an inner city three bedroom contemporary home in Fitzroy, Melbourne designed by my favourite architects Kennedy Nolan, with rooftop gardens and city views?!

7. What is your go-to dish to impress for a dinner party?

My classic Aussie pavlova (with an excessive amount of fresh berries).

8. What is your favourite travel experience?

In my mid-twenties, I was in London, and randomly bought tickets to a preview of Wes Anderson's movie "The Life Aquatic". Somehow after I bought my ticket, this screening became the world premier- complete with red carpet, the last and a Q+A with Wes Anderson.

9. What are you doing five years from now?

Still working on The Design Files with a few more staff I hope!

10. How can we make more art + less war?

The most powerful thing is for good people to simply take action. Whatever your passion, just start.



(photo source: The Design Files)

Thank you Lucy it has been a pleasure x