Lian Hirst


Susie Young


"I nominate Lian because she is a total go-getter and inspired me to set up my own company – I have the biggest amount of respect for her."
- Susie Young



// Q+A //


1. Describe your typical day:

Gym then walk to my office in Bloomsbury with Brian + George, my rescue Lurchers. Breakfast meeting followed by team catch up then a few hours on emails. Afternoon is always spent either with press or clients working on brand strategy, event prep or creative branding.

2. What's the best / worst thing about living in London?

BEST -  Black cab drivers, 24hr shops + view from Hampstead Heath.
WORST - Grumpy bus drivers + fried chicken shops.

3. Susie asks: What makes you smile most about running your own successful company?

The success of a company relies on it's 'people' + team. My greatest joy of running TRACE is being able to work alongside the best in the industry. It is their strength, creativity + sense of humour which have helped build + shape the company into what it is today. I feel very honoured to sit alongside my team, experiencing the highs + lows together. It is a brilliant feeling.

4. What inspires you?

Endless opportunities + the view that 'anything is possible' inspires me. My team inspire me, knowing who + what I DON'T want the company to be inspires me.

5. What do you order at your favourite restaurant?

Ciao bella in Bloomsbury on Lambs Conduit St. They serve fresh pasta which arrives in a giant brown paper bag with seafood. We always take a table outside, it's a great place to sit + unwind.

6. My favourite travel destination for pleasure is ( A ) + for business it is (B) because (C).

A. Anywhere on water.
B. Marais, Paris
C. It feels like a second home now + it feels 'comfortable'.

7. Explain the relevance + power of good branding:

Branding is about communicating your vision and values to differentiate and engage. Often knowing and understanding how you don't want your brand to be perceived helps to build up the corners and create something fresh.

8. What is your magical power of choice + what do you do with it?

The power to clone myself -  to be in more than one place at a time. The opportunities would be endless. I never have enough time, I'm a perfectionist + I think that is part of it.

9. What advice do you have for a budding entrepreneur?

Don't think too much about the challenges ahead, just get on with it. A smile opens up more doors than a frown. Love what you do + work hard at it. Most importantly, surround yourself with good people who believe in you + remember to laugh along the way. Remember that your biggest mistakes + challenges can also be your biggest triumphs. 

10. How can we make more art + less war?

By creating stronger partnerships between the corporate and the creative worlds. Bringing together funding + vision for a longer term investment.



Thank you Lian it has been a pleasure x