Julia Manchik


Gemma Cagnacci


" I nominate Julia because she is an amazingly creative photographer, designer + traveller who first inspired me to start blogging about my travels. "
- Gemma Cagnacci

Jula Manchik


// Q+A //


1. Where do you source your inspiration from in Seattle?

In the city, I love to get inspired while shopping + people watching at farmers' markets or thrift shops. Just 30 minutes outside the city, mountain biking is the perfect way to get refreshed. A cabin in the woods with a stack of design mags + business books is the best.

2. Gem asks: Purely for photography, what is your dream destination + why?

My dream destination is Morocco so I can photograph colorful people, textiles, and bejeweled camels in the desert. I am usually shooting in a very green, mountainous landscape and crave sunny places. Also, I love color + patterns.

3. When I travel, I always take these things with me:

- Cameras.
- Teabags.
- Tiger balm -  the best cure for a long day of exploring.

4. Gem asks: What is the most photogenic location you have been to?

Iceland! It's impossible to take a bad photo there! Moss covered lava rocks, glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, milky hot springs, blue icebergs, geysirs, steaming cracks in the earth, black sand beaches, northern lights, rustic huts with grass covered roofs, + charming chapels on lonely mountain tops... It's the land of the a mystical fairytale.

5. What is the best/worst thing about working with your husband?

We have the same days off + he makes the best travel partner.

Not being able to ask " how was your day?", over dinner because you already know.

6. People don't know this but I (    ) really well.

Memorization. I once remembered 100+ characters of π (pi) (3.141592...) to win a competition in 7th grade. I won a pizza. 

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I feel like I'm finally going to grow up in the next 5 years! (that's what my 18 year old self thought too, though...) Hopefully start a family with my husband, buy + remodel a little home, plant a brilliant garden in the yard, + get someone to water it because we'll still be traveling, just with babies in tow!

8. What travel luggage brand do you recommend for your camera equipment?

ONA Bags are beautiful + functional.

9. Gem asks: What is your top tip for taking photos on the road?

Go to bed early so you can take walks at sunrise + sunset. The lighting makes it so much easier to shoot. And when I have good light, I will walk further, explore more, + ask for more portraits. 

10. How can we make more art + less war?

If we were less money driven, there would be a lot more artists in the world.


Thank you Julia, it has been a pleasure x