Jessica Sutton


Sarah Reid


" I nominate Jess because she is a super crafty prop builder- how cool is that? "
- Sarah Reid

Jessica Sutton

// Q+A //


1. Describe a day in a life of a prop maker:

Every day is vastly different, I could spend my day either up a ladder covered in paint, standing by on a shoot waiting for something to break! Building models in my studio, or building a cinema screen in an abandoned mental hospital. I also spend a good chunk of my time designing + problem - solving with a 3D modelling programme. 

2. Living in London has taught me:

That working on community projects can be extremely rewarding.

3. Where is your favourite watering hole to lubricated your creativity?

I really love a pint at one of the small pubs along the Lea River during the day.

4. Where are your top three inspirational spots in London?

1. The photographer's Gallery in Soho.
2. The Constructionism room at the Tate Modern.
3. The Rio Cinema in Dalston, every Tuesday!

5. People don't know this but I  (           ) really well.


6. Who is your dream collaborator + what would you work on?

Wes Anderson, on ANYTHING!

7. Sarah asks: Which one of your props you'be built would you like to see come to life?

Definitely not the Woody Allen puppet...

8. The three top apps I can't live without are:

1. Citymapper London
2. Instagram
3. Solitaire!

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still doing what I do now, perhaps in another new city?

10. How can we make more art + less war?

By community engagement through art!



Thank you Lucy it has been a pleasure x