Aleksandra Keast


Laura Baxter


" I nominate Aleksandra because she is inspiring due to her great sense of style, friendly professional attitude and is an all round wonderful person. Watch this one! "
- Laura Baxter

Aleksandra Keast


// Q+A //


1. Where do your source your inspiration in Sydney?

Gardens, bush walks around my home, flower farms (stone fruit /blossom farms), nature and location scouting -  road side finds (foraging!).

2. Your process entails:

Drinking coconuts (hydration). Playing with flowers, secateurs in hand, up a ladder, knee deep in green at my studio shed + in love with my husband x

3. How do you combine the handwriting + botanical styling?

For weddings + events.

4. My go-to flower is (   ) because:

The Orchid.
She's lasting, she's got swagger + she's something to be admired. She's art.

5. Describe your perfect work day:

Being busy and getting to create beautiful with the blooms! (Always amongst the flowers!)

6. What do you think of flower meanings?

Floral scents create more meaning for me as they remind me of people and the past. However any flower given as a gift is always remembered with me (sad or happy!)

7. Laura asks: What are your favourite seasonal flowers + why?

Winter can often get forgotten. The Camellia. A winter flower is beautiful on it's own and incredible en masse!

8. What is your ideal travel scenario?

Somewhere with sea, salt and sun! (An endless summer!)

9. Describe your ultimate botanical arrangement with no budget:

A wedding in space or on the moon!!! (Inspired by Floral Artist Makoto Azuma, who had flowers sent into the stratosphere using a large helium balloon!)

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Share + support...collaborate + listen!



Thank you Aleksandra it has been a pleasure x