Lian Hirst

Susie Young


"I nominate Lian because she is a total go-getter and inspired me to set up my own company – I have the biggest amount of respect for her."
- Susie Young



// Q+A //


1. Describe your typical day:

Gym then walk to my office in Bloomsbury with Brian + George, my rescue Lurchers. Breakfast meeting followed by team catch up then a few hours on emails. Afternoon is always spent either with press or clients working on brand strategy, event prep or creative branding.

2. What's the best / worst thing about living in London?

BEST -  Black cab drivers, 24hr shops + view from Hampstead Heath.
WORST - Grumpy bus drivers + fried chicken shops.

3. Susie asks: What makes you smile most about running your own successful company?

The success of a company relies on it's 'people' + team. My greatest joy of running TRACE is being able to work alongside the best in the industry. It is their strength, creativity + sense of humour which have helped build + shape the company into what it is today. I feel very honoured to sit alongside my team, experiencing the highs + lows together. It is a brilliant feeling.

4. What inspires you?

Endless opportunities + the view that 'anything is possible' inspires me. My team inspire me, knowing who + what I DON'T want the company to be inspires me.

5. What do you order at your favourite restaurant?

Ciao bella in Bloomsbury on Lambs Conduit St. They serve fresh pasta which arrives in a giant brown paper bag with seafood. We always take a table outside, it's a great place to sit + unwind.

6. My favourite travel destination for pleasure is ( A ) + for business it is (B) because (C).

A. Anywhere on water.
B. Marais, Paris
C. It feels like a second home now + it feels 'comfortable'.

7. Explain the relevance + power of good branding:

Branding is about communicating your vision and values to differentiate and engage. Often knowing and understanding how you don't want your brand to be perceived helps to build up the corners and create something fresh.

8. What is your magical power of choice + what do you do with it?

The power to clone myself -  to be in more than one place at a time. The opportunities would be endless. I never have enough time, I'm a perfectionist + I think that is part of it.

9. What advice do you have for a budding entrepreneur?

Don't think too much about the challenges ahead, just get on with it. A smile opens up more doors than a frown. Love what you do + work hard at it. Most importantly, surround yourself with good people who believe in you + remember to laugh along the way. Remember that your biggest mistakes + challenges can also be your biggest triumphs. 

10. How can we make more art + less war?

By creating stronger partnerships between the corporate and the creative worlds. Bringing together funding + vision for a longer term investment.



Thank you Lian it has been a pleasure x

Maura Grace Ambrose

Yasmine Ghoneim


" I nominate Maura because the girl (my dream college friend) embodies a work ethic like I've never seen before...She breathes art and she'll die if she doesn't craft!!! She mixes all of her loves into one incredible art form...Making insanely beautiful handcrafted quilts (grows her own food to collect the dye for her incredible creations). "
 - Yasmine Ghoniem

Maura Grace Ambrose


// Q+A //


1. Where do you source your inspiration in Austin?

Walking, canoeing, or swimming in nature. The spring fed natural swimming holes are my favourite places to be in Texas.

2. Describe your creative process:

  1. I dream about quilts, keep a journal of ideas and paint studies to plan for designs and colour combos. When getting started on a quilt, I graph out the design and select my fabrics.
  2. Then I cut my pieces of fabric and machine sew them together.
  3. Once the quilt top is complete I make the quilt back using large pieces of fabric usually left over from the front design. 
  4. Then I sandwich the top, batting, and back together and either baste or pin them together.
  5. Then the fabrics are quilted together with hand stitching. This secures all three layers together and adds unique beauty.
  6. The quilt is then finished with a binding around all four edges, and photographed before sending to it's recipient.

3. When I travel, I always take (    ) with me.

My iphone.

4. Yas asks: How do you make money and still stay true to your art?

That's a great question! I try to only work on projects that inspire me. I refuse to compromise on the process it takes to achieve quality. I document the time it takes to create each quilt so the prices reflects accurately the work that went into making it. I keep in mind ways to maintain a sustainable practice such as growing my own dyes and using recycled resources. I feel it's also important to diversify whether that be partnering on collaborations or teaching workshops and going to markets. I find that people are just as interested in my story as they are in my work.

5. What are the best/ worst things about road tripping in America?

Best are the quaint small towns and sleepy main streets. The antique shops off the beaten path are full of treasures. But most of all I lobe the State Parks for getting in touch with nature through camping and hiking. Simple living opens my eyes to observations such as the changing of the seasons. 

The worst thing about road trips are the fast food options. Packing a cooler helps but it's hard to cook your own food on the road unless you station yourself somewhere for a couple of days.

6. Draw and describe your favourite quilt:

I call this quilt the Montana Quilt. The design was inspired by a traditional Native American Quilt. The lone star design has an Eagle incorporated into it. The eagle symbolises freedom and harmony with nature. It now hangs in John Mayer's recording studio.

7. What is your favourite travel experience?

My husband and I took 4 months and travelled around middle + east America in our VW campervan. We avoided the highways mostly because our van doesn't handle well above 65 mph but taking the backroads ended up becoming a highlight of the trip. Taking is slow and passing through the small towns of America was my favourite way to connect with the spirit of our country.

8. Yas asks: How do your personal travel stories weave into your hand crafted quilts?

I am inspired by the natural colours in the changing landscape. Simply gazing out the window fills my head with dreams. I enjoy visiting rural towns and meeting folks living in small communities. Often times quilt makers flock to small towns. Yet almost everybody I meet has a quilt story, whether it be a relative who makes quilts or a special quilt passed down as a family heirloom. When I travel it clears my head and enlivens my intuition. Often times I come away with a clear vision for my next design.

9. How do you spread the love for your craft?

I share my process through social media. I also teach workshops on natural dying and hand quilting. I'm now in the early stages of writing a book!

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Keep a positive outlook by focusing on the solutions not the problems.



Thank you Maura it has been a pleasure x

Aleksandra Keast

Laura Baxter


" I nominate Aleksandra because she is inspiring due to her great sense of style, friendly professional attitude and is an all round wonderful person. Watch this one! "
- Laura Baxter

Aleksandra Keast


// Q+A //


1. Where do your source your inspiration in Sydney?

Gardens, bush walks around my home, flower farms (stone fruit /blossom farms), nature and location scouting -  road side finds (foraging!).

2. Your process entails:

Drinking coconuts (hydration). Playing with flowers, secateurs in hand, up a ladder, knee deep in green at my studio shed + in love with my husband x

3. How do you combine the handwriting + botanical styling?

For weddings + events.

4. My go-to flower is (   ) because:

The Orchid.
She's lasting, she's got swagger + she's something to be admired. She's art.

5. Describe your perfect work day:

Being busy and getting to create beautiful with the blooms! (Always amongst the flowers!)

6. What do you think of flower meanings?

Floral scents create more meaning for me as they remind me of people and the past. However any flower given as a gift is always remembered with me (sad or happy!)

7. Laura asks: What are your favourite seasonal flowers + why?

Winter can often get forgotten. The Camellia. A winter flower is beautiful on it's own and incredible en masse!

8. What is your ideal travel scenario?

Somewhere with sea, salt and sun! (An endless summer!)

9. Describe your ultimate botanical arrangement with no budget:

A wedding in space or on the moon!!! (Inspired by Floral Artist Makoto Azuma, who had flowers sent into the stratosphere using a large helium balloon!)

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Share + support...collaborate + listen!



Thank you Aleksandra it has been a pleasure x

Matt Willey

Vince Frost


"I nominate Matt because he is just great!" 
- Vince Frost

Matt Willey


// Q+A //


1. What are London's best kept secret spots?

The Three Kings pub in Clerkenwell. The Phoenix cinema in East Finchley. My allotment in North London.


2. What design related items do you always travel with?

A notebook and a pen.

3. Vince asks: who is MFred?

I think Vince is asking because I named a typeface (that he's been using) 'MFred'. Fred is my middle name (and it was my grandfather's name).

4. Describe your favourite holiday.

Daytime: walking about barefoot, jumping into a lake, or the sea.
Evening: wood-burning stove, wine, food, book.

5. I'm obsessed with:

Wood-burning stoves, Saul Steinberg, wine, wine bottles, laundromats, oil lamps, 'Jazz Violin Sessions' by Duke Ellington, a green velvet sofa, coffee grinders, the duck confit dish at Gastro in Clapham, the cheese burgers at Almeda, Burrata cheese...+  a thousand other things.

6. Describe a typical day in the life of an editor.

I'm a pretend editor, at best. I sit in one of three bars/ restaurants with my great friend Dan Crowe (who is a proper, and brilliant editor) drinking and eating and talking about things that interest us. Sometimes 'context' comes out of that - which I find terribly exciting.

7. What is the best / worst thing about living in New York?

Well I still live in London but work in New York two weeks each month. I've always loved New York. There are too many reasons to list, and the significant ones (for me) are ambiguous and difficult to articulate. 
Right now (it's Sunday morning) it's being able to to sit in Milk&Roses, in Greenpoint, eating steak+eggs, reading the New York Times magazine.
The worst thing is missing my kids.

8. What are your three favourite apps you can't live without?

I'm fairly certain I could live very happily with no apps. But right now the NY subway app is proving pretty useful. Instapaper is great. And ...erm...Mail.

9. Who has/had fantastic style?

Paul Newman.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Well, that sounds simple enough.


Thank you Matt, it has been a pleasure x

Clare Bowditch

Jane Martino

Jane Martino



"I nominate Clare because she is a person who inspires me and all those around her. She is a giver and contributor – a rare gem!"
- Jane Martino

Clare Bowditch

Clare Bowditch


// Q+A //


1. Where are your go-to inspirational spots in Melbourne?

My friends are endlessly inspiring.
My city doesn't sit still, and the weather is always in flux.
I just walk around Fitzroy, Coburg, Carlton, St Kilda or somewhere on the Mornington Peninsula, hopefully with my babies in tow, and I find that "walking + inspiration are friends".
Big hearted business and brave people.

Fitzroy, Carlton, Portsea (Photo Credit: / ) 

Fitzroy, Carlton, Portsea (Photo Credit: / ) 

2. When I travel I always take (    ) with me:

- my guitar.
- my writing book.
- a little bottle of lavender oil.
- a good pen.
- podcasts! Oh boy do I love good, funny intelligent podcasts!

3. What are the key ingredients of a great song?

Three chords and the truth - that's all you need.

4. What is your favourite song + why?

A songwriters favourite song is often the last one they wrote. Or, the last one they fell in love with or to, because songs feel like people sometimes. 
My favourite today is ' Lost in the light' by the Bahamas.

5. Fame has taught me:

That fame is meaningless until it is yoked to a bigger ideal in which case, it can be rather handy.

6. What do you love doing at your favourite travel destination?

Walking and watching, buying something fragile that may or may not break in my bag, meeting people who surprise me.

7. People don't know this but I (   ) really well.

Rap. Yep, I rap like a mofo.

B  A  M.

Also, I can do the 'running man' like nobody's business.

8. Jane asks: Who is your biggest inspiration?

On a day to day basis, Janey, it is my husband Marty, my children, my siblings, and my friends like you. 
Katharine Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Seth Godin, and all the speakers at the B.H.B (un)conference like Lucy F + Danielle La P, and Pip L.,, there sure is a lot to be inspired about...

9. Draw + describe your ultimate creative space.




You see how there's not much there? That's because my most favourite creative space is a blank white page. If I could crawl inside it, I would.


10. How can we make more art + less war?

First - we stop the war in our own heads, the accusations of 'not good enough-ness' and we give ourselves permission to be amateur's.
Then - we just make art. Any art will do. Start anywhere. Start with one thing. One word. Now...


Thank you Clare it has been a pleasure x

Shantanu Starick

Photographer, Shantanu Starick
Founder, Pixel Trade

Instagram: @shantanustarick
Twitter: @ShantanuStarick


Emma Tamaoki


" I nominate Shantanu because he is living the dream – balancing his craft and travelling the world, all without using a cent. Plus he also takes stunning photos! "
- Emma Tamaoki

Shantanu Starick

// Q+A //


1. As a photographer, what trade are you most proud of?

Proud is difficult to pin point. It is very dependant on my mood. There is an image however that has been on my mind on and off for some time, as one I continuously enjoy viewing. 
It was from a trade in Morocco with a girl called Rena, who is the founder of the website Project Bly. The image I'm referring to was of a little girl indicating for me to take a picture of her.

2. Who would your dream trade be with + why?

The most dangerous person in the world. Why? Because I'd love to capture them eating cereal.

3. What is your most inspirational travel experience?

My first visit to Ireland (if i have to choose one). It was because of every element we judge our experiences on. The people, the environment, the food...Ireland put on one of the most memorable combinations of all of those areas.

4. Where is the most beautiful place in the world?

New Zealand. No explanation needed.

5. How do you maintain a sense of balance with all the constant moving?

I try to stretch every time I wake up and write a brief summary of the day before I sleep.

6. On the road, I always take these three things:

1. Camera gear.
2. Laptop + hard drives.
3. Toothbrush + toothpaste.

7. What is your most useful travel tip?

Don't listen to people's travel tips.

8. When the Pixel Trade wraps up, where would you ideally like to live + why?

Between Europe + Australia. They have both become home to me. I want to remain international, but those two places would be perfect to have little structures to call home.

9. What's in store for you then?

Time off.


10. How can we make more art + less war?

Flower guns.


Thank you Shantanu, it has been a pleasure x

Susie Young

Jessica Sutton


"I nominate Susie because she is the hardest working person I know!"
- Jessica Sutton

Susie Young


// Q+A //


1. What do you love most about living in London?

My neighbourhood- Lower Clapton - a great sense of community is forming, with lot's of people opening their doors to new shops, cafes etc - a sense of people doing it for themselves to enrol those around them.

2. When I have a creative block, I go to:

Get a strong coffee, take five, and then try and approach things from a different angle.

3. Describe your favourite travel experience ever.

It will have to be a couple of holidays that involved road trips.

California Road Trip- the scenery was beyond what I expected in terms of diversity- from the visit of the Big Sur to the epic scale of Yosemite and the rolling wine regions.

A highland Scotland road trip was another all time fave- the Isle of Skye has to be one of the most levelling and calming places.

4. On board a flight I can't live without:

Sleep. It's the one time I can totally switch off, putting the phone and laptop away.

5. Jess asks: what is your dream event location?

There are so many incredible places - this is a tough one, but I'll have to go for natural scenic settings...
- A beach on a remote island of Scotland on a sunny day of course!
- Sagano bamboo forest in Japan.
- A boat party on Lake Hillier in Australia. A bubblegum pink coloured lake that's surrounded by paperbark and eucalyptus trees...
Purely thinking location + not logistics here! 

Lake Hillier, Australia (Photo Credit: / / )

Lake Hillier, Australia (Photo Credit: / / )

6. My top 3 go-to sites are:

1. Style me pretty - for the wedding planner in me.
2. This is colossal - for inspiration.
3. Studio DIY - for a bit of fun crafting.

7. What are the secret ingredients for throwing the best wedding?

Know your couple and reflect them- making sure there's plenty of the fun factor!

8. Describe your ultimate party with no budget.

Perhaps high up in a cloud forest in Costa Rica, with suspended dining amongst the tree canopies, surrounded by wildlife + nature - feasting on forest finds.

9. I would love to collaborate with (    ) on (    ).

Kinfolk - one of their dinners.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

With reduced investment in the arts in the UK, it's about fostering better resources and funds so the arts world is properly supported and able to reach its audience far + wide. Art is a universal language that can be a really powerful + healing too.


Thank you Susie, it has been a pleasure x

Julia Manchik

Gemma Cagnacci


" I nominate Julia because she is an amazingly creative photographer, designer + traveller who first inspired me to start blogging about my travels. "
- Gemma Cagnacci

Jula Manchik


// Q+A //


1. Where do you source your inspiration from in Seattle?

In the city, I love to get inspired while shopping + people watching at farmers' markets or thrift shops. Just 30 minutes outside the city, mountain biking is the perfect way to get refreshed. A cabin in the woods with a stack of design mags + business books is the best.

2. Gem asks: Purely for photography, what is your dream destination + why?

My dream destination is Morocco so I can photograph colorful people, textiles, and bejeweled camels in the desert. I am usually shooting in a very green, mountainous landscape and crave sunny places. Also, I love color + patterns.

3. When I travel, I always take these things with me:

- Cameras.
- Teabags.
- Tiger balm -  the best cure for a long day of exploring.

4. Gem asks: What is the most photogenic location you have been to?

Iceland! It's impossible to take a bad photo there! Moss covered lava rocks, glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls, milky hot springs, blue icebergs, geysirs, steaming cracks in the earth, black sand beaches, northern lights, rustic huts with grass covered roofs, + charming chapels on lonely mountain tops... It's the land of the a mystical fairytale.

5. What is the best/worst thing about working with your husband?

We have the same days off + he makes the best travel partner.

Not being able to ask " how was your day?", over dinner because you already know.

6. People don't know this but I (    ) really well.

Memorization. I once remembered 100+ characters of π (pi) (3.141592...) to win a competition in 7th grade. I won a pizza. 

7. Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I feel like I'm finally going to grow up in the next 5 years! (that's what my 18 year old self thought too, though...) Hopefully start a family with my husband, buy + remodel a little home, plant a brilliant garden in the yard, + get someone to water it because we'll still be traveling, just with babies in tow!

8. What travel luggage brand do you recommend for your camera equipment?

ONA Bags are beautiful + functional.

9. Gem asks: What is your top tip for taking photos on the road?

Go to bed early so you can take walks at sunrise + sunset. The lighting makes it so much easier to shoot. And when I have good light, I will walk further, explore more, + ask for more portraits. 

10. How can we make more art + less war?

If we were less money driven, there would be a lot more artists in the world.


Thank you Julia, it has been a pleasure x

Rena Czaplinska-Archer

Katy Svalbe


" I nominate Rena because although our paths have only crossed in recent times, her passion and boundless creative energy infected me. She explores the body and movement as a vehicle for unlocking creative process. "
- Katy Svalbe

Rena Czaplinska - Archer


// Q+A //


1. Where is your favourite secret spot in Sydney?

Mrs Macquarie's Chair.

Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Sydney (Photo Credit: Tripadvisor.Com.Au /Transportgroup.Com.Au /

Mrs Macquarie's Chair, Sydney
(Photo Credit: Tripadvisor.Com.Au /Transportgroup.Com.Au /

2. Katy asks: What work of art, architechture or landscape would you percieve successfully + wholeheartedly ' feeds the five senses'?

I love Wollombi Valley + simple timber houses there - the shape of spaces, light, colour, smell... + the Sculpture Studio of Paul Selwood + the paining studio up the mountain among large boulders - open to nature - sunny - tranquil quiet except when cicada's choir starts in summer or wind in the trees above sings its songs of birds visit. 

Wollombi Valley, Australia (Photo Credit: / )

Wollombi Valley, Australia (Photo Credit: / )

The other powerful place is the famous Sea Ranch designed in 1970's on the north coast of California, USA by Lawrence Halprin with a group of inspired Architects. 

3. How has growing up in Poland impacted your view of the world?

Life in Poland made me into a romantic + poetic seeker with philosophical views.

I love forest + mountains where I spent a lot of time during holidays. Since then I feel very comfortable + happy in timber mountain huts wherever I find them around the world.

I am also away of complex histories people inherit - sometimes I become aware how the post war stories of my childhood in Poland still traumatise me. I love music + art how it can heal.

4. What is your most favourite structure + who is it by?

- Riversdale by Glenn Murcutt at Bundanon NSW.

Riversdale, Australia (Photo Credit: / )

Riversdale, Australia (Photo Credit: / )

- Sea Ranch by Lawrence Halprin + others in North California.

- Alhambra by the century Andalusian artisans in Grenada, Spain.

- My home /  Scoparia Place designed by me! (passive solar courtyard house)

5. What do you like most about Australian architecture?

Openness to nature / porosity. Allowing easy lifestyle in harmony with nature. Simplicity -  good simple yet beautiful dedication celebrating life.

6. Katy asks: How does your dance + art practice influence the way you design homes?

I am inspired + moved by eros by life force itself. Life is movement. When designing homes + places, I listen to how life moves through the site. I listen to rocks, trees, wind + observe, imagine how people move. How sun rises + sets. How shadows move across the land. I like to integrate what is already there, given for free - sun, air, shadows, gardens and aim always to integrate outer landscape with the inner landscape- create continuum - light airy shaded places that comfort + delight.

7. What historical art period do you love + why?

I don't know other times really. Love the now - the time I am alive.

But after last years visit to Portugal, I am fascinated by the iron age period. The time of movement of people across Europe. Big migrations that brought Celts to England, Gypsies + Jews to Portugal, Spanish + Goths to Northern countries. Music of Galicia in the west (Portugal) + east (Romania) is so similar + beautiful. 

8. Sketch + describe your dream home.


A - Open space with roof tilted towards northeast allowing morning sun in winter, but protecting from morning sun in summer - breezy open space for doing drawing morning gatherings + fireplace!!!

B - Afternoon sun in the winter. In summer, protected by wisteria.


9. What conscious decisions have you made to lead a more sustainable + greener lifestyle?

I live in a passive sola courtyard house - love it. It is open to north sun, protected by some huge turpentine trees on the west, the big multiple sliding doors remind me of the light paper /  cedar screens of Katsura Palace in Kyoto. The doors open the space completely. The house foot print is quite small but it feels larger than it is. The polished, light grey concrete floor keeps the house cool in summer. Under floor electric heating + the open wood fireplace keeps it warm in winter. I work from home and like to share my space with others who appreciate good design, native gardens, good library of books, poetry, music + dance.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

It is a mental decision. Shift in attitude from consuming, reusing, achieving, completing, reaching + overreaching, pursuing + always being short of time, struggling without support. 

Making more art allows us to slow down, take notice. Realise how easy it is to be satisfied, how little we need, how precious life is, how vulnerable we all are - how much joy comes from making art. 


Thank you Rena, it has been a pleasure x

Nick Walton

Dan Walton


" I nominate Nick because he has followed his heart and is achieving everything he ever dreamed. "
- Dan Walton

Nick Walton


// Q+A //


1. Describe your life in 5 words.

Exciting, busy, inspired, creative and blessed.

2. Where is the best kept secret spot in Hong Kong?

Many people don't realise we have great beaches like South Bay and Tai Long Wan, which has great surf.

3. What is your piece of writing you are most proud of as a journalist?

Some of my travel features from Myanmar in which I was really off the beaten path and used my own photography.

4. Top 3 things in my carry on are:

1. Tablet with seasons of Cops downloaded.

2.  Noise reduction headphones.

3.  A copy of National Geographic.

5. What do you miss the most about living in New Zealand?

The clean air + water, cold crisp evening, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and sunrise on Tamaki Drive.

6. Where is your dream destination?

I have a few -  Greenland, Antarctica, Cuba, Mongolia, + parts of Russia.

7. The best /worst thing about running a travel magazine is:

Balancing the creative process with the commercial.

8. What is your favourite travel experience so far?

One of my favourite journeys was to Papua New Guinea with my brother Dan. It had been some time since we had seen each other and PNG had always been on our bucket list. We ventured up the Sepik River for the traditional dragon dance, dived on WWII bombers + visited the city of Relond - half destroyed by a volcano. It was a truly exceptional trip.

9. Dan asks: When is our next trip homie?

We will be travelling to Antarctica together in December which will be an awesome trip!

10. How can we make more art + less war?

By listening to each other + being more tolerant of new ideas.


Thank you Nick it has been a pleasure x

Jessica Sutton

Sarah Reid


" I nominate Jess because she is a super crafty prop builder- how cool is that? "
- Sarah Reid

Jessica Sutton

// Q+A //


1. Describe a day in a life of a prop maker:

Every day is vastly different, I could spend my day either up a ladder covered in paint, standing by on a shoot waiting for something to break! Building models in my studio, or building a cinema screen in an abandoned mental hospital. I also spend a good chunk of my time designing + problem - solving with a 3D modelling programme. 

2. Living in London has taught me:

That working on community projects can be extremely rewarding.

3. Where is your favourite watering hole to lubricated your creativity?

I really love a pint at one of the small pubs along the Lea River during the day.

4. Where are your top three inspirational spots in London?

1. The photographer's Gallery in Soho.
2. The Constructionism room at the Tate Modern.
3. The Rio Cinema in Dalston, every Tuesday!

5. People don't know this but I  (           ) really well.


6. Who is your dream collaborator + what would you work on?

Wes Anderson, on ANYTHING!

7. Sarah asks: Which one of your props you'be built would you like to see come to life?

Definitely not the Woody Allen puppet...

8. The three top apps I can't live without are:

1. Citymapper London
2. Instagram
3. Solitaire!

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Hopefully still doing what I do now, perhaps in another new city?

10. How can we make more art + less war?

By community engagement through art!



Thank you Lucy it has been a pleasure x

Jane Martino

Lucy Feagins

Lucy Feagins



"I nominate Jane because she is a Wonder Woman of sorts!"
- Lucy Feagins

Jane Martino

Jane Martino


// Q+A //


1. Lucy Asks: How do you fit so much in your day?

I wake up really early- 5:30am most days (sometimes earlier), and simply get on with things. I know everything I aim to achieve that day both personally + professionally and just go for it! Not overthinking things or worrying how long the list is helps.

2. What is the key to successfully embedding meditation into your daily routine / psyche?

Don't beat yourself up about it our be too rigid. Even 5 - 10 minutes once a day makes a marked difference. So I generally do it first thing of a morning or in the car before I get to the office or my first meeting. 

3. What are your top 3 apps you can't live without?

1. Smiling Mind - I am biased but it really is a life changer.
2. Shazam - Helps build my playlist on the run and keeps me 'current' with today's music.
3. What's App - Means I can talk to all my friends overseas for free.

4. Where is your favourite spot in Melbourne + why?

Royal Botanical Gardens - for running, meeting friends or just hanging in the children's garden with the kids.

Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne, Australia (Photo Credit: / / )

Royal Botanic Garden, Melbourne, Australia
(Photo Credit: / / )

5. When I travel, I must take with me:

My family.

6. If you could live anywhere else, where would you choose?

Byron Bay -  It is magical and I just love the energy there...although New York + San Fran are close seconds. I really am a city girl at heart so don't think I would last too long in the country or down the coast.

7. What is your magical power of choice?

Definitely to make children's worries + bad dreams disappear.

8. What is the driving force behind your numerous successful projects?

Me. Passion and a little bit of crazy. Honestly at the heart of it though, it's good old fashioned hard work.

9. What advice do you have for a budding entrepreneur?

1. Be bold.
2. Make a plan (knowing it will change constantly).
3. Gather smart people around you who believe in what you are doing.
4. Know there will be LOADS of people who tell you not to do it, but have the guts to do it anyway.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Meditate. Change the school system's focus + most importantly what so many parents prioritise.
Accept people (especially our children) for who they are + love their 'as is' nature.
Be the best person we can be + believe that is enough, ie, cut ourselves some slack and we will naturally cut some to others.



Thank you Jane it has been a pleasure x

Lucy Feagins



" I nominate Lucy because she is SO STINKIN IMPRESSIVE. She is endlessly creative, has a fantastic eye, works tirelessly, has an incredible and visible passion for design, designers and showcasing their work on The Design Files, and as her monstrously successful Open House(s) demonstrate, she has the dedication, team and nous to perfectly pull off projects that would push companies triple the size of hers into cardiac arrest. I, for one, can't wait to see what she accomplishes over the span of her career / life / next lunch break."
- Zoe Foster - Blake

Lucy Feagins


// Q+A //


1. Where do you source your inspiration in Melbourne?

Everything and anywhere in Melbourne. It's just one of those places where there is ALWAYS something new to discover, even if you think you are across everything.

2. Who is your dream interviewee + why?

MIRANDA KERR. I can't explain it! I have an unhealthy infatuation. It's NOT logical!

3. Top three must-haves in my carry on when travelling are:

1. Laptop.
2. My ipad.
3. My bar mix aka stick blender, to make smoothies for my breakfast in my hotel room!

4. Where do you think Australian design site in the world today?

I think the world is very interested in our way of life. Australian homes therefore are a curiosity on the international stage. There's something fresh and unaffected about OZ design- we're far enough removed from other design centres to do our own thing.

5. What are the best/worst things about blogging?

The BEST thing about blogging is the independence.
The WORST thing is the long hours, all night, every night!

6. Describe your dream home:

My dream home is an inner city three bedroom contemporary home in Fitzroy, Melbourne designed by my favourite architects Kennedy Nolan, with rooftop gardens and city views?!

7. What is your go-to dish to impress for a dinner party?

My classic Aussie pavlova (with an excessive amount of fresh berries).

8. What is your favourite travel experience?

In my mid-twenties, I was in London, and randomly bought tickets to a preview of Wes Anderson's movie "The Life Aquatic". Somehow after I bought my ticket, this screening became the world premier- complete with red carpet, the last and a Q+A with Wes Anderson.

9. What are you doing five years from now?

Still working on The Design Files with a few more staff I hope!

10. How can we make more art + less war?

The most powerful thing is for good people to simply take action. Whatever your passion, just start.



(photo source: The Design Files)

Thank you Lucy it has been a pleasure x

Zoe Foster-Blake



" I nominate Zoe because she has such a great work ethic and is so driven, managing to juggle several projects concurrently with such panache. Always supportive and a pleasure to work with, Zoe's writing is hilariously entertaining. I love the way it leaves a smile on my face. "
- Emma Tamaoki

Zoe Foster - Blake


// Q+A //


1. What is your favourite word in the English language? 


2. Where do you source your inspiration? 

The landscape. The weather. The food. The friends and the family. NOT the cockroaches.

3. Do you feel writing reflects your culture?

Yes. It is almost too Australian sometimes, cobba.

4. If you could speak cat, what would you ask Meowbert?  

Would he prefer something else for dinner?

5. Describe your life in five words. 

Wonderful, abundant, joyful, delightful, fun.

6. If you could live anywhere on earth, where would it be?

I love Sydney...but some time in NY, France, Greece and Bali each year would be sensational.

7. What is your life philosophy? 

What you think about,  you bring about.

8. What is your favourite dish? 

Hot chips ( with bbq sauce) or ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter. (OBVIOUSLY)

9. What have you been obsessing over lately? 

Frank Ocean. (And peanut butter thickshakes)

10. How can we make more art + less war?  

Be kinder to one another. Look at the sky more. Enjoy better music. Eat great food and meet excellent people.



(photo credit: Sunday Style)

Thank you Zoe it has been a pleasure x

Vince Frost



" I nominate Vince because his designs are simply timeless and always feel fresh. He has grown his passion into a long successful career and yet is still a driving force in the industry. His schedule is crazy busy, but he is also a caring family man and knowing that just makes him so much more inspirational." 
- Vince Frost

Vince Frost


// Q+A //


1. What does typography mean to you?

Typography is the use of the alphabet and words to create appealing messaging, story telling. Playing with hierarchy of messages to create impact and stimulate the sense. I personally like to have fun with words. 

2. Do you feel your work reflects your culture or is it more universal?

The clients opportunities create the focus and the  combined collaborators on the project creates a unique culture.

3. Who is your dream collaborator?

Fashion designer, Paul Smith. A wealthy entrepreneur with big ideas. passion and an appreciation for what I can add to designing success. A mayor of a city with big ambitions.

4. If you could live anywhere, where would you choose + why?

I love Sydney and really like living here. I would like to try and live in NY for a while as I love the cities energy. I could love anywhere though as each place is unique.

5. Where do you source your inspiration from in Sydney?

My inspiration comes from my clients and their unique opportunity. My kids/ my partner/ my staff.

6. What was your favourite trip + why?

Trip to LA/ San Fran + Vancouver. Skiing in Whistler is my all time buzz.

7. Where do you see yourself five years from now?

Bigger challenges around designing a better life / world / society.

8. What is your life philosophy?

Help people / do good / be positive. Inspire ideas to life*

9. If you had any magical powers, what would it be?

End the following: Aids / Poverty / Starvation / Droughts / War.

10. How can we make more art + less war?

Remove borders / frames. You can't contain life. People roam. Life is art. People should feel free to express themselves openly. Children should be taught to continue to be expressive of their ideas and feelings and not stifled or controlled.



Thank you Vince it has been a pleasure x