'In Sanskrit, Kapal means 'skull', 'forehead' and bhati means 'luminous' and also 'perception' or 'Knowledge', Kapalbhati  (the skull shining technique) is the practice which bring a state of 'luminary', or 'Clarity' in mind as well as in body. This form of pranayama is a highly energizing abdominal breathing exercise that acts as a kriya or a yoga cleanse. The vigorous exhalations act in many ways to yield benefits beyond the energetic qualities of this advanced yoga breathing exercise.'

My boyfriend, Jason, and I had just completed a course on Pranayama with a lovely Indian man in Goa and this particular technique was part of our daily morning ritual. We were staying in a little shack by the river and spending our days practicing yoga and relaxing. I was doing alot of drawing and in this particular piece was trying to pictorially convey the effects of Kapalbhati (the skull shining technique)  on your body and soul as I imagined it. Pranayama has been practiced for 1000's of years throughout India, created and perfected by the ancient yogis. It's an integral part of yogic life.