Byron between my toes

Byron is one of those special places where nature is just so breathtaking you can't help but lose yourself in it. Whales migrate past this most eastern point in Australia putting on a show for us admirers to our delight. Dolphins also frolic in the waves close to shore and birds soar past the surfers bobbing in the water. The beaches seem to just go on endlessly, framed by the Arakwal National Park. You can trek through the bushlands with often, no one around. Just when you think you get this glorious slice of top-notch Australian landscape to yourself, a hippie turns up for her daily yoga ritual, or a millionaire retiree appears with his dog on his routine morning walk. It's one of those rare spots where yuppies, hippies, backpackers, hipsters, and the (locally known dreadlocked, alternative-lifestyle-living) ferals have learned to co-exist.

It's amazing what a few days away from the grind can do for the soul. Bike riding nonchalantly in the rain, or hiking in ominous weather, things that would annoy me in the big smoke, somehow just don't. My first ever Kundalini meditation yoga class in the surf club overlooking the ocean was just what the doctor ordered. It turns out reconnecting with my super chilled inner self in just one session was enough to do the trick. As I breathed in the evening salt air basking in the light of the full moon, I felt a calmness I have never experienced in my life. The city stress washed out to sea and I too found myself taking my shoes off and feeling the sand between my toes.