Dream Traveller

Dream Traveller

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Dream Traveller World map is the mother of all maps!

A Pacific centred Mercator projection showing the tiniest of details I could illustrate, no land was left out. This political map is up to date showing the addition of the most recent country created being South Sudan in 2011. Also please note, to be politically correct (without takings sides), disputed territories are shown with a dashed line where required.

This large A0 sized map is purposely left blank with a muted grey backdrop for a minimalist look to suit your wall space whether it be in your bedroom, living space, home office, or business! The idea is for you to mark all those dreamy destinations on that bucket list you've been mentally creating over the years. Re-educate your geographical knowledge and get acquainted with regions you know nothing about. Be adventurous and choose a spot using a blindfold and see where your finger lands. Get out there and explore this amazing world cuz you know you want to. 

Printed on Tyvek, an extremely durable recycled material, you can even draw on it.  Go ahead and mark all those destinations you'be been, love and want to see with stickers. It is also waterproof, tearproof, and childproof if you want to decorate and hang in your kids room or the classroom. I recommend using those convenient 3M hanging strips so you can easily display it in no time flat, without the worry of permanently marking the walls.

Dream the travel x Travel the dream

AO size is 1149 x 841mm
A1 size is 841 x 594mm

Tyvek paper
Made with love in Sydney by a travel nut
Printed on demand
Styled by Coast Property Styling

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