the wanderlove MANIFESTO


Go some place far, far away.
Across vast oceans, barren deserts, soaring mountains and endless skies.
Where one land ends and another begins.
A place where you see vistas that move you and meet people who enrich you.

Everything smells, tastes and even looks different.
You are out of your comfort zone and yet you feel so alive.
Just when things are starting to make sense though, you must return home.

Something intangible and as fleeting as a memory now burns so brightly within.
There has been a shift inside.
You are not the same.

Yearning for more, you know what you have to do.
It’s time to listen to you heart and explore this amazing world.

wander the earth +  share the love



There is so much sh*t happening today at lightning pace and so many reasons to feel overwhelmed. We clearly need to make more art and less war. Add more dharma and way less karma. Dream big and manifest amazing things into our lives and be more mindful every. single. day. 

I personally believe in the importance of a lifestyle philosophy I call:


/ Ingredients /

  • 3 parts travel

  • 1 dollop of imagination

  • 1 splash of peace

  • 1 cup of fun

  • shaken with love

  • sprinkled with serendipity

  • shared with kindred spirits


ABout twc

When I'm consciously adding more of these fundamental aspects to my personal journey, I'm simply so much happier. So using my strengths as an illustrator/graphic + web designer/artist, I created a blog and a world map to dare you to travel more. After all, positive vibes never hurt anyone right?

In the blog, you'll find some fantastic travel stories, unique itineraries, cultural observations, interviews with kick-ass inspirational entrepreneurs, dream atelier ideas from travel-loving peers, in style looks, and collages of swoon worthy, found imagery. 

Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you find something that inspires you!

 x Emma


Founder / Creator


/ short bio /

  • Half Japanese / Australian creative entrepreneur.

  • Skilled in design, illustration, art, photography.

  • Speaks English, Japanese, French. Understands a little Spanish + Portuguese ( after a few drinks :D )

  • Based in Sydney + sometimes Tokyo + always daydreaming about travel!

/ wanderlove story /

A very lucky, unplanned last minute detour via South America led me to narrowly miss the harrowing tragedy and aftermath of the 2011 Great Touhoku earthquake. Helpless and useless to my country from afar, I was forced to re-evaluate my life plans. What I discovered is I truly craved for a more meaningful existence. With this gradual awakening, I finally combined my two passions of creativity + travel and The Wanderlove Collective was formed in 2014.

As a hopeless dreamer with luck on my side, I've been blessed with so many serendipitous experiences. I truly believe this world needs more art and less war – now more than ever. If we all give a little back with peaceful intentions and positive vibes, then I believe it has the potential to grow into something much bigger than we could every imagine. So let's wander the earth and share the love together.

Safe travels + see you somewhere out there,

Emma x



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