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 Wanderlove Manifesto


Go some place far, far away. Across vast oceans, barren deserts, soaring mountains and endless skies. Where one land ends and another begins. A place where you see vistas that move you and meet people who enrich you. Everything smells, tastes and even looks different. You are out of your comfort zone and yet you feel so alive. Just when things are starting to make sense though, you must return home.

Something intangible and as fleeting as a memory now burns so brightly within. There has been a shift inside. You are not the same.

Yearning for more, you know what you have to do. It’s time to listen to you heart and explore this amazing world.

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w a n d e r



Selling large minimalist maps that you can draw on to mark your past + future travels for nomadic souls.

Hang the "Dream the travel x Travel the dream" world map and tickle your wanderlust spirit. Visualise + mark future destinations with coloured stickers or pens! If you are too scared to d.i.y then don't fret! Order the bespoke service and I'll mark the map for you as you wish.


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